Why You Should Hire a Ghostwriter for Your Next Project

ghostwriting Apr 29, 2022
Man typing on a vintage typewriter with burning candles and old books on a desk.

by Cris Yeager


Working with a ghostwriter can be intimidating, but if you’re facing the blank page of your next project, it makes sense to reach out to one of these professionals instead of trying to write the whole thing yourself. A ghostwriter knows how to craft compelling, engaging content that will keep your readers turning the page and have them coming back for more. 

Hiring a ghostwriter can be expensive, but it can be the best investment you make if you’re looking to make a significant launch for your next project or product. Here are some tips to help you find the right ghostwriter!

Recognize the need
Why hire a ghostwriter? There are many reasons, but ultimately it comes down to your ability to do something or an idea you need help bringing to life. If you're doing it, then you lack skill. If you have time but no ideas, then maybe it's not inspiration that's holding you back. Whatever your case, it takes guts to hire someone else. Even if you can't do everything yourself, knowing that there's someone making things happen might be the difference between taking action or staying idle. But don't just hire anyone! The quality of work from an amateur writer is rarely worth your money and effort. Look for a professional who understands your goals and can deliver on them effectively.

Know your goals
Before you even think about hiring a ghostwriter, it’s important to know your goals. What is it that you need help with? Do you need someone to take over an existing book project and finish it up? Do you have just one chapter that needs editing? Or do you need an entire book written from scratch? Regardless of what you might think about ghostwriting, there are certain situations where using a ghostwriter makes sense. If, for example, your company or client needs something written that won’t be your usual style or subject matter, there are writers who specialize in these things who can turn around almost any type of content quickly.

Review the writer's work
When selecting a ghostwriter, it’s important to research his or her work. Do they have experience in your field? Have they done something similar before? What is their process like? The answers to these questions should give you an idea of what they’re capable of and whether or not they’ll be able to help you with your impending project. In addition, look at samples of previous ghostwritten works and ask yourself if those samples are compelling enough for your own project. If not, maybe keep looking!

Negotiate the process, not the price
Most business owners think they should negotiate price in their contract with a ghostwriter. Don’t. This can lead to problems down the road. Instead, negotiate how you’ll work together and how much input you’ll have into your project overall. Most writers don’t want to compromise on quality, but will agree to some amount of input from an author if that’s what it takes to get paid. That said, be wary of any contract that doesn't spell out your ability to make changes — and get clarity on what those changes are and whether or not they're acceptable. A ghostwriter is being paid to help you with your idea, not hi-jack it completely. The intended author is in control of the topic and the writer is in control of the material written.

Hire based on skill only
When it comes to hiring any writer, you want to make sure they have skills in your particular industry. A ghostwriter without experience in, say, business or finance is going to be able to write better on that subject than an experienced fiction writer who isn't as familiar with your genre. Remember that part of using a ghostwriter is having someone else take over so you can focus on other things. Hire based on skill level rather than personality, passion or price. If they're good at what they do and deliver what you need — you won't need much more from them. Don't fall in love with someone's way of doing things just because it fits your style. Base your feeling on their skill. Period.

Why you should hire a ghostwriter
A ghostwriter can take ordinary ideas and make them interesting. They know how to research your audience, structure chapters, and pull a narrative out of almost any idea. On top of that, they are professional writers with years of experience and contacts in the media. After you hire one to work on your book or essay or project, you’ll probably find that hiring a ghostwriting firm makes sense for a lot of reasons. You’ll spend less time prepping, developing ideas and brainstorming than you would if you wrote it yourself.