What Are the Challenges of Promoting Ghostwriting Services?

ghostwriting Aug 19, 2022
How do you convince people that you’re a ghostwriter worth hiring? The word 'services' in black and white print.

by Cris Yeager


Ghostwriting services are great if you need to write but don’t have the time or the expertise to do it yourself. These services are also helpful if you want to share your knowledge and ideas with the world but don’t feel confident in your writing skills yet. Ghostwriters provide the author with polished material that they can then use to promote their own business and reputation, so this service must be marketed correctly without revealing the fact that it’s ghostwritten in the first place.

Not many people know about ghostwriting, and even fewer can tell you what it means. But how can you advertise and promote ghostwriting services without revealing who you are? It’s possible, and many ghostwriters have lucrative careers. Here are some of the challenges associated with promoting ghostwriting services, and how you can overcome them.

Finding work as a ghostwriter
When your job is a secret, it's hard to find work. The odds aren't insurmountable, however! You have plenty of options when it comes to finding ghostwriting clients. You could, for instance:
Create a portfolio of work samples or material you've written with you as the author
Mention where you've been published in the past
Developing client relationships for future work and referrals
Start a blog and become an expert in your field

These are just some examples. Ghostwriting services can be promoted in a variety of ways. Many different social media platforms can be used to market yourself as a writer. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are all popular outlets for advertising ghostwriting services. For those who want to stay off social media entirely, they might consider submitting their work anonymously through sites like Clarity Press, FreelanceWritingGigs and submitting guest blog posts to well-read blogs.

Locating the right clients
A writer may elect to work with a client only in their niche or seek a wide variety of clients and write about various topics. Writers need to evaluate what they would like to be paid, the deadline of the client and fit it into their schedule. With these criteria taken into consideration, writers can then decide if this is an opportunity that is worth pursuing. If so, they can ask for more information about the project and see if it’s right for them. If not, ghostwriters must also know when to say no to work. Especially when it comes to negotiating pay. Never take less than your skill is worth.

Overcoming the obstacle
You don't have to struggle to promote your services as a ghostwriter. You need to have a portfolio on hand with your best work and pricing, as well as know who you're trying to court with your talent. You'll have more luck finding work this way because it will be more clear what it is you can do, which will help people find out about all the benefits they get from hiring someone like you! Make ghostwriting services easier to promote!