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The Ventriloquism of Ghostwriting Words


Oh, you want to join the ghostwriting guild, too? Get ready to flex those phantom fingers because this ain’t your grandma’s knitting circle. We are not just typists but rather experts in syntax and diction. The byline is unimportant, so don’t make the story about yourself. It’s all about becoming a ventriloquist with a vocabulary, making the client sound like Shakespeare or at least a very articulate Kardashian.


What’s All This ‘Voice’ Hoo-ha?

Your job requires more than just a pretty face. It demands an understanding of voice, style, attitude, and character. So, unless you’re applying to be a model on “America's Next Top Model,” it’s time to brush up on those skills! Forget learning on the job. That’s for mortals! You’ve got to get how to mimic your client’s voice so well they’d swear they blacked out and wrote it themselves.


The Bag of Tricks

Ghostwriting has more techniques than a Vegas magician, and let’s be real, some work better than others. Think of it as a buffet. Sample each method, discard what makes you gag, and double down on what’s delicious. It’s like pairing wine and cheese, only it’s your style and your client’s voice that you’re matching up. Elegant, right?


Skills You Actually Need

Good writing skills? Duh. Discretion? Absolutely—you’re basically the 007 of the literary world. But wait, there’s more! You should also be a pretty darn good impressionist, and I don’t mean painting water lilies. Your words need to don a mask and cloak and speak in the voice of another. Call it text-based ventriloquism.


Why You Should Care

Getting your client’s voice down is as crucial as the Wi-Fi password at a millennial gathering. Sure, the voice could change based on what they’re talking about or who they’re talking to, but your writing has to feel as natural as a Kardashian in front of a camera. If your client has ghosted blogs before, tap into that. If they’re penning the next great American novel, roll up those sleeves and research like you’re prepping for “Jeopardy.”


How to Not Suck at It

Look, just saying “practice” sounds like a broken record at this point, so let’s just say you’ve gotta diversify that portfolio like it’s your stock market bet. Mix up those styles like you’re a DJ at a super-hip club. If your client is into turtlenecks and Tolstoy, ensure your portfolio matches that vibe.

Some cheat codes for you:

  • Read their past stuff and immerse yourself in it like a linguistic spa.
  • If you catch yourself sounding off, delete, delete, delete!
  • Practice every day. Imitate your favorite author, or write some tweets like Elon Musk pondering life on Mars. Just do it.


Conclusion: Get Good or Go Home

In this high-stakes game of textual impersonation, your role is to become the literary doppelganger your client never knew they had. So gear up, research, and challenge yourself harder than a Rubik’s cube. When opportunity knocks, you want to be ready to answer, saying, “Yes, this is definitely, absolutely, 100% [insert client’s name here] speaking.”

Ghostwriting Life Lessons

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