Techniques On Writing Different Genres And Memoirs

writing Sep 16, 2022
Techniques On Writing Different Genres And Memoirs: Old novels on a desk stacked beside a vintage typewriter.

By Kym Farris


Do you ever get tired of writing in the same genre? Maybe you're a romance writer but have a passion to write horror or maybe you write fiction and want to try non-fiction. Or like me, you want to write a spy novel and add some romance. The transformation can seem overwhelming. I’m going to try to help you ease into it.

I will break this down into two subjects: memoirs and different genres. Also, I will provide links to audiobooks. Sometimes I like to put an audiobook on while I clean or while I’m driving. Audiobooks or eBooks as some know them give me the freedom to do it whenever and wherever I am.

Let’s jump in. 

Different genres

A major benefit of being able to write in different genres is it will strengthen your resume and won’t limit you to certain jobs.

Another benefit is it lets you tell the story the way you want to. Think of it this way. You are writing a romance novel about Joe and Mary. They get married and are living a normal life until Joe is killed in an accident. But was it an accident? Is there more to the story? This is where a sense of mystery comes in. But how do you go from romance to mystery? Simple it’s all in your wording. Get a Thesaurus and research words. Instead of being killed by a bear, he was mauled by a bear. The world mauled opens up the brain. How was he mauled? Did he die instantly? Simply changing one word can challenge the reader's mind and make them want to read more. 

When writing in one genre you can get bored. Being able to expand your mind opens a whole new world of characters and stories. 

As I was researching different writing techniques I came across something known as Hybrid novels. Hybrid novels are a form of fiction that tells the story through poetry, illustrations, collages, diagrams and posters to name a few. A book can be anything you want. You don’t have to limit yourself to words. Some of the most famous novelists have used pictures. Sometimes a picture can tell a story without words. Think of a book cover you recently saw. Did you pick it up to read the back just because of the picture? 
I know I have. Just remember this is your story. Write freely and use words you think fit. Also, remember to take breaks. Give yourself some time to absorb what you have written and time to go back and change what you want. 

Have you ever wanted to write a memoir? Memoirs require time and patience. And a lot of research. Memoirs tell a true story of actual facts. So when writing one you must know what you're talking about. You want to tell the story while keeping your audience entertained. When writing the memoir remember you are telling the story through your eyes. Another point to make is don’t lie! If you don’t remember all that occurred leading up to an event you can mention said event but don’t make up things to make it look better or worse. Someone out there knows you and will call you out. That will discredit you as a writer. 

Pick a focal point for your audience. You may have a favorite toy as a kid and that toy has a thousand memories behind it. You can keep bringing your readers back there. 

Please remember your story is not just about you. Other people are a part of your story. Tell the characters the way they are. If your story is interesting enough no matter how the characters are betrayed, you're the one who will be judged.

I am adding some links to a few books that I have found interesting reads.
Some are eBooks, audiobooks, or actual books you can purchase through the mail.
Although I write I can always find more ways and things to write about. I have not limited myself. I take the tools that are offered to me and grow not only my vocabulary but my mind! On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft (Audible Audio Edition): Stephen King, Stephen King, Joe Hill, Owen King, Simon & Schuster Audio: Books

Breaking Ground on Your Memoir: Craft, Inspiration, and Motivation for Memoir Writers: Warner, Brooke, Myers, Linda Joy: 9781631520853: Books

Writing Picture Books Revised and Expanded Edition: A Hands-On Guide From Story Creation to Publication: Paul, Ann Whitford: 0035313670473: Books On Writing and Worldbuilding - Volume I (Audible Audio Edition): Timothy Hickson, Larissa Thompson, Merphy Napier, Audiobooks Unleashed: Books

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