Specific Content a Ghostwriter Can Assist With

ghostwriting Aug 12, 2022
Ten specific types of content a ghostwriter can help create. Laptop with screen view of the word 'content' with various graphics.

by Cris Yeager


What can a ghostwriter do to help you with your business? A lot, as it turns out! Are you considering hiring a ghostwriter to help you with your business and personal writing needs? Awesome choice! But what kind of content can they write? There are many benefits to working with a ghostwriter, especially when it comes to content creation. A ghostwriter can write almost any type of content, but here are ten specific types of content you can expect your ghostwriter to be able to create with ease and professionalism.

If you’re looking to use the services of a ghostwriter, one of the first things you’ll want to think about is what kinds of content you want your ghostwriter to help you create. Luckily, there are plenty of types of content available for your ghostwriter to assist with, and we’ve laid out ten specific types of content that a ghostwriter can help with. 

Writing content can be taxing
Many types of content writing aim to market both businesses and individuals. Copywriting, scriptwriting, video production, social media posting — these services can all be obtained from a ghostwriter. Irrespective of whether you need content created and published for your company or self-publishing on Amazon — you should consider hiring someone to do it. Ghostwriters can take care of skills you lack and give you help to distribute content when you want to write outside of your normal tasks. Hiring an experienced ghostwriter will give you more flexibility in how and when projects are completed.

Various forms of content
By recreating someone else's work in their own words, ghostwriters do all the heavy lifting. Would you like to know if you can hire a ghostwriter to create different kinds of content? Yes, without a doubt! To simplify the list, here are ten types of content that a ghostwriter might help with:

  • SEO writing for websites and blogs: Search engine optimization or SEO writing is a type of copywriting specifically tailored to get you ranked well in search engines. Contrary to marketing that only wants to please readers, SEO writing also must follow strict formatting requirements (tag usage, keyword density) specified by search engines. Fortunately, ghostwriters specialize in all types of writing. It doesn't matter if you don't know much about search engine rules — or how to integrate them into content — a professional ghostwriter knows them all.
  • Technical content writing: You might need technical writing if you work in an industry that requires more technical language, such as software or finance and for this reason, normal content writing cannot be achieved. The technical content often contains a lot of jargon or specialized language. Technical writing is often full of how-to instructions, it's a good fit for ghostwriters with this type of writing experience.
  • Writing for websites: A website is one of the best tools for marketing your business. Content on your home page, product pages, and landing pages is essential since they're often the first point of contact with prospects or customers. The main objective of website content is to keep readers on your website by being interesting enough to draw their attention. It's your job to ensure each piece makes your readers excited about what you're offering.
  • Email marketing content: An email marketing campaign can be created in several ways. Ghostwriters can assist you with everything from writing compelling subject lines to crafting your message in such a way that it resonates with your readers and fits seamlessly into their daily routines. Through email marketing, you can stay in touch with potential customers and clients, and personalized content has a higher likelihood of provoking them to respond. More than just conversion help, ghostwriting campaigns also make it easier to keep up communication with leads over time.
  • Long-form writing: Getting white papers, eBooks, case studies, and evergreen content is imperative for establishing yourself as an expert and increasing your bottom line. If you don't want to write these documents yourself (or are unable to do so due to lack of time), you can hire a ghostwriter to do the job for you. However, the more industry knowledge they have, the better. Hiring someone who knows how to create a persuasive essay from start to finish will ensure that your paper has all the qualities required — and no extras — to make it successful.
  • Social media content: You can have content with tons of followers and social media reach, but if you don't know how to market it, then it might go unnoticed. A good content writer understands the workings of both sides. They know how to make good content, and they know how to get it in front of relevant audiences. Ensure your business hires social media writers who are familiar with a variety of platforms. Instead of taking care of the account creation and updates on social media by themselves, authors often enlist the help of a ghostwriter to take care of it and work with their social media manager.
  • Scriptwriting: Scripts may be written for short advertisements, instructional videos, or podcasts by ghostwriters. Like a copywriter, a scriptwriter crafts the words carefully so that their point is understood. In contrast to copywriters, scriptwriters present information in a narrative format — telling a story with their words. Those who read a good script can be inspired or intrigued, which moves them to action. In addition to generating videos and drafting scripts for media coverage, ghostwriters have experience handling all types of content for any type of customer.
  • Article content: Blog post writers tend to write in a more informal tone that focuses on entertaining the audience and attracting new visitors, whereas ghostwriters usually produce a more formal work. Depending on the audience, ghostwriters would use different types of language. To create high-quality content, ghostwriters research topics thoroughly to have a better understanding of their readers' interests.
  • Blog post writing: Posting blog articles can still be an effective way to gain readership and write readable content. When you hire a ghostwriter to help with your marketing efforts, request blog posts with words and phrases that will attract readers and promote SEO. A blog post should be able to educate, teach, be funny, informative, and not difficult to read. Topics will differ based on your audience but should be based on what you do best in as few words as possible.

BONUS! Product descriptions
Do you know how to write enticing descriptions of your products and services that help people choose what they need? Ghostwriters can assist you in writing descriptions that accurately convey what your customers will receive. A ghostwriter can craft perfect product descriptions so there is no confusion and helps consumers decide. Their writing has become renowned by customers in their niche because these writers have extensive knowledge of their fields. When you hire ghostwriters to write your product descriptions, you not only get content that's perfect for your audience, but you also save time since these are people who do it all day, every day.

Do you need to hire a ghostwriter?
Getting a ghostwriter for your project starts with figuring out what you want them to write. You will be able to find candidates who have the right skills and experience. The next step is to interview potential ghostwriters and do some research to find someone who is interested in your business and has relevant experience. 

If you're looking for someone who can create content, make sure that person is a skilled writer. Your brand will be harmed if you cut corners on quality. Prepare thoroughly and make sure you select the right person to complete the task. Don't be afraid to ask a potential ghostwriter lots of questions — they can help with all kinds of content writing needs!