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Nail Your Ghostwritten Blog Post Body Content [Blogging Series Part 4]


by Cris Yeager


Ghostwriting can be a great way to get your message across without having to struggle for the right words or deal with writer's block. It's become increasingly popular in recent years across a variety of platforms, like journalism, online content and blog posts. Crafting an effective blog post with the right structure can help you ghostwrite effectively and make extra money.

Writing great blog posts isn't something that you can learn overnight. It takes time, practice, and dedication to hone your skills. However, there are some key steps to help you structure the perfect blog post that can make your content stand out.

One of the most valuable tools used in modern blog writing is ghostwriting. This technique allows you to create content that is authentic and engaging, while also ensuring that the content is seen by the right people. When done correctly, your blog post can be used across multiple platforms, which will help you generate more leads and boost your ROI.

When writing your blog post, it’s important to remember to make it interesting, informative, and entertaining. You also want to make sure that your post is easy to read and understand. Additionally, you should use relevant keywords to increase the chances of your post being seen by the right readers. Finally, make sure that you proofread your post to ensure that it’s free from any errors or typos.

By following these steps, you can create blog posts that are compelling, informative, and engaging. With a bit of practice and dedication, you can soon become an expert in ghostwriting.


Using the right formula for body content

Let's jump right in! The formula for ghostwriting an engaging body looks like this:

Description + Problem to be solved + Sub-headlines + Lists/Bullets if necessary + Solution to the problem

Overall, it's important to start with a compelling headline that will grab the attention of your readers. Then, you'll want to craft an introduction that sets the stage and outlines what the article will cover. Your body should contain well-researched and organized content that supports the claims made in the introduction. Finally, make sure to end your blog post with a strong conclusion that leaves readers with something to think about.

Let's tackle all of the proper elements of ghostwriting the body content!

A description of what is to come

The first paragraph is dedicated to introducing the topic of discussion. This paragraph will provide an overview of the main points of the article and explain why this subject is important and relevant. It will also provide readers with a foundation for understanding the rest of the article.

The problem or issue to be solved

It is important to mention the problem in the second paragraph to help the reader better understand the context of the topic. To ensure that the problem is clear, it is best to include some background information and a brief explanation of the issue. Additionally, providing a few examples of how the problem has manifested itself can be helpful. Finally, make sure to use language that is easy to understand, so that the reader can easily comprehend the issue at hand.

Using sub-headlines for structure

Breaking down your information into sub-headlines is a great way to organize your text for better readability. It allows readers to quickly scan for the information they need and provides a clear structure for the information to be presented in. Additionally, it can help to ensure that all relevant facts are included, as it can be easy to forget something when writing in a continuous block of text.

Use lists and/or bullet points if necessary

Using a bullet list is a great way to organize and display a set of information points. Bullet lists make it easy to read and understand the data, and can also be used to create sub-headings for articles and other documents. To create a bullet list, use a single symbol or character, such as a hyphen or asterisk, at the beginning of each item in the list. This will help make the points stand out and make the list easier to scan.

The solution and main reason for the blog post

The solution to the problem you are seeking to address through this blog post needs to be placed within the last paragraph of the body content. This can involve researching the issue further, speaking with experts in the area and brainstorming creative solutions.


Write that amazing body content!

Congratulations on mastering the formula for ghostwriting compelling body content! It's an essential skill to have to keep readers engaged and interested. When you're ready to start writing, be sure to keep a few key things in mind: focus on the reader's needs, use easily understandable language, and make sure your content is both informative and entertaining. With these tips, you can be sure to capture your readers' attention and keep them engaged. Good luck!




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