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Nailing the Impersonation: Steal a Writer’s Voice (In a Good Way)



Ghostwriting is akin to being a chameleon with a pen. You’re a wordsmith, a silent partner, and the Shakespeare of other people’s tales. Ghostwriters don’t need disguises or handshakes, just a knack for stealing voices.

Before you freak out, no, we’re not talking about mimicking celebrity impersonations or delivering your best rendition of Picasso’s artistic genius. We’re talking about something equally cool–capturing other writers’ vibes. Yep, their unmistakable “voice.”


The Script of Style 

Voice, style, flavor—call it what you will, but it’s the secret sauce that turns your writing into a dead ringer for someone else’s. And here’s the deal: whether you’re turning interviews into memoirs or penning blog pieces for established wordsmiths, one rule reigns—you need to sound like them. How? Cue the practice session.


Steal Their Thunder, Nicely 

So, how do you channel their inner Hemingway? Here are the moves to master:

The Voice Hunt: Dive into their previous works. Study them like you’re preparing for a pop quiz. Then, weave their style into your words until it’s a perfect blend of them and you.

Reverse Engineering: When in doubt, start scribbling. Write as you, then sift through it, cutting out anything they wouldn’t say. Sculpt it until it’s pure gold—their gold.

Daily Dress-Up: Here’s where the fun kicks in. Put on your writerly costumes daily. Whip up a paragraph as your favorite author or draft ten tweets in the tone of your cherished celeb. It’s like Halloween, but for writers.


Practice Makes (Almost) Perfect 

Think of it like becoming a master impressionist. You practice, you refine, and before you know it, you’re switching personas like a pro. Be ready for anything—a new job, a fresh challenge—because your voice-capturing skills will be your secret weapon.

Ghostwriting involves more than just putting words on paper. It requires the ability to transform oneself into a versatile writer. Now, go on and snatch those voices, you word whisperer!



Ghostwriting Life Lessons

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