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5 Ghostwriting Tips That’ll Make You A Phantom They Can’t Ignore


Alright, gather up, you aspiring ink-slinging specters! You’ve got the itch, the drive, the caffeinated shakes to be a ghostwriter. Not just some poor soul typing away in obscurity, but a full-blown, credit-skipping GHOSTWRITER who makes other people look eloquent while you do all the heavy lifting. You work like Batman in literature, doing the job and disappearing.

Why are you in this ethereal line of work? Maybe you love writing but want to avoid the spotlight. Or perhaps you adore crafting words but hate marketing yourself. Could you be in it for the thrill of being someone else’s voice without the hassle of laryngitis? Whatever the reason, you’re here and ready to be the best scribe-for-hire this side of a séance. Here’s how to excel without turning into a poltergeist that haunts the realm of poor writing.


1: Research Like a Stalker, But Legal

Don’t know your subject matter? Well, then, you’re as useless as a screen door on a submarine. Let’s be honest - before flirting, you stalk their social media. So, before writing, do your homework. Research is your GPS for not getting lost in alternative facts. You want to be the Sherlock of subjects, the Hermione of homework, so you don’t sound like you wrote your piece during a game of Mad Libs.

2: Structure Isn’t Just for Architects

Think ghostwriting is just slapping quotes onto paper like a ransom note? Cute, but no. You need a plan, darling. A GPS can’t get you to a party if you don’t know where it’s at. Structure is not just important for your grandma’s girdle. It is also crucial for your writing. Make sure you’re serving a three-course meal, not a food fight.

3: Time Is Money, Don’t Spend It Like a Drunken Sailor

You’re not writing your memoirs, sugar. You’re on someone else’s clock. If they need it done yesterday, hop into your DeLorean and make it happen. No distractions! Close those 72 open tabs, shove your phone in a drawer, and for the love of all things Oxford Comma, don’t start watching TikToks.

4: Pick Words Like Pick Avocados: Carefully

You want your vocabulary to be as sharp as your winged eyeliner. Avoid the pedestrian, cliché, and outright snooze-worthy phrases. Your client’s voice isn’t yours, so quit the identity theft. You better learn their lingo to be the show’s star. If they say “jazz,” you better be ready to improvise through the project.

5: Writing Voice: Identity Theft Without the Jail Time

What is the essence of ghostwriting? Writing as someone you’re not without ending up in an existential crisis. Don’t overthink it. You’re not doing a Saturday Night Live impression. Use their words and mimic their tone, but don’t lose your writing soul. Do they talk like they’re narrating a noir film? Good, but don’t make it a parody. This isn’t amateur hour.


So You’re Writing, But Not as You

Terrified of churning out something blander than gluten-free bread? Get over it. Your name’s not going on this, remember? You’re the Oz behind the curtain, the chef in the kitchen, not the one schmoozing with the restaurant critics. Your mission is to make your clients look like the Hemingway of their domain, even if they usually write like they’re crafting a tweetstorm on the toilet.

To become a skilled ghostwriter, you must be a wordsmith ninja - unseen yet impactful. Now, write like someone else so they can’t ignore you. Looking for more hot tips on becoming a writing phantom? Stick around. This blog has more ghosts than the Haunted Mansion.

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