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ghostwriting Apr 01, 2022
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by Mary C Long


So, I think we have an opportunity for a great conversation here - one that includes a variety of perspectives and elaborates a bit on some key distinctions. And one that is probably overdue.

There are different kinds of fiction out there - and I'm not talking about genres. I mean the end product created, and the associated costs that authors pay a ghostwriter to create these distinct works. Because the costs vary wildly, and for good reason. 

This distinction isn't often discussed for whatever reason, so it fuels a huge disconnect - one that I've been thinking a lot about today! So, allow me to share some key insight that I've gleaned from working successfully as a ghostwriter for the past decade, creating all kinds of copy - and bringing in a substantial income each year doing so!​

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Here's what you will learn:

  • Fast fiction vs traditional fiction - The work required, matched to expertise, is what one pays for. And much like anything else, you get what you pay for.
  • Understanding the distinction - Being given a general plot/outline and set loose to create something quickly to meet a set word count or formulaic genre standard is entirely different from telling a uniquely crafted, client- and plot-driven story.
  • Fast fiction is fine, but different - Fast fiction is great for those seeking quantity or something fast - and there are many small publishers out there seeking precisely those qualities.
  • Template services aren't ghostwriting - There are services that offer templated ghostwriting, where someone interviews you or you answer set questions and they transcribe/edit the interviews to create your book.
  • Ghostwriting referrals - Please feel free to email me with any questions, and particularly if you're seeking a ghostwriter for your book!