Ghostwriters Need Business Cards - Here’s Why:  Blank business cards on black cardstock.

Ghostwriters Need Business Cards - Here’s Why


by Kym Farris 


You’re a ghost and work behind the scenes, but there are times when you need to tell people about what you do - and when those occasions occur, you need to be professional about it. This is why business cards for ghostwriters are a must. We’re going to share what you need to include on the business card and some resources to help you create one that’s top notch below!

Business Card Must Haves
If you’ve had a business card before, you likely know the drill. But there’s a first time for everything, so you may be new to this side of things and unsure of what is really essential here - and why. Let’s dive in!

For starters, you need to list your name as you’d like people to know you - not necessarily as you see it on your birth certificate. 

Next, you need to list your title, which may be “ghostwriter” or as our ghostwriter in residence here calls herself “Chief Ghost!” Or maybe you prefer “promotional writer” or something genre-focused, like “Romance Writer.” Just be sure it’s something that really captures who you are and what you do.

There are a few practices you want to consider when designing and printing your cards. Here I have listed a few to give you some ideas.

First you want to start with your logo. Having a logo that directly reflects your business will leave no confusion on what your profession is. 

Next you want colors. Keep in mind some colors do need to be mixed and can be a little pricier than others. Yet, having a color that stands out can leave a lasting impression.

Card stock. If your colors are monochrome using a thinner card stock is an option yet if your colors are vibrant you need to use a thicker card stock. 

Another thing to consider is materials. Try to think outside the box. While most business cards are made from paper I have seen some unique ideas. Wood, cork, leather, metal and even chocolate. If it can be printed on, it can be used. This is where I would take a few extra minutes and consider all ideas. 

Picking the right font is important. You don't want to use too many different types as it can be confusing. Make sure they are readable and clear. Make the font large enough to see but not too big to overshadow the card. 

Make it fun. Show your personality. I received a business card from a gentleman once that had his name, logo and phone number on the front and a joke on the back. When I asked him about it his response was, “Not only do people I hope get a good laugh but it shows then I have a sense of humor and can be easily approached.” I remembered that card and that man. 

Now that we have all of that in order, think about the shape of your card. A standard business card is 3.5 x2 inches. Although they are used most there are others shapes to consider. Vertical, square, mini to name a few. Consider this though––if you are a romance ghostwriter, how about a heart shaped card? Or if you write horror novels maybe a bat, or a gravestone. 

With all the creativity there is out there, run with it. Make sure you stand out from the rest. 

Last, but not least - you may have (or want)  a logo or some snazzy design to show you’re serious about your craft and want to stand out. A designer can help - and you’ll find a few with great reviews on Fiverr! We have some top picks below:

  • Fiverdesignz is a Fiver favorite - He will create professional, unique, modern two-sided business card design within 24 hours for your business and personal use. With 9+ years of experience and eight of them being on Fiverr. He has over 9,000 reviews with a 5 star rating. He also offers three different packages with prices ranging from $10 to $40.

And now that you have a unique design and everything in order, you need to have the actual cards made. Where do you go for this?

Where to Get Business Cards Made

That’s all of it! If you have other services you’d recommend, be sure to let us know in the comments. And while you’re here - subscribe to our mailing list, so you don’t miss any ghostwriting tips and best practices that we’ll be sharing here each week.



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