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Nailing a Ghostwritten Blog Headline Without Getting Nailed


The mysterious world of ghostwriting, where your genius remains unsung, and your masterpiece gets another’s name. It’s like Cinderella doing all the work and her step-sister getting the prince. So, if you’re stepping into this world, there’s something you ought to know. The crown jewel? The headline. You see, without a headline that pops, your blog post might as well be written in invisible ink. Your audience won’t know, won’t care, and won’t click. So, let’s dive deep into the art of crafting headlines that make readers’ fingers itch with anticipation.


What’s in a Blog Post Name? Loads

Ponder this, young ghostwriter scribe. An article without a catchy headline is like a movie without a trailer. Who’s gonna watch? The proper title will beckon, tease, and ensnare the reader’s curiosity. Now, the body of your blog post could be as delightful as a gourmet meal, but if that headline isn’t spicy enough? Honey, no one’s taking a bite. The moral of the story? Pack a punch with your headline, and you’ll have them feasting on every word.


Think Post, Then Title. Or Vice Versa

Here’s a riddle for you. What comes first, the blog post or the title? No one really knows, and that’s okay. You might pour your brilliance into a post first, then dress it with a headline that does it justice. Or perhaps, on a structured day, you’re handed a title and have to sculpt content around it. Whichever way you swing, ensure your title is as enticing as a dessert menu and just as satisfying.


Be a Keyword Sleuth, Not a Keyword Slob

Imagine you’re a detective, but instead of finding criminals, you search for words. Not just any words, but the right ones. Keywords, darling! Those precious terms that your audience uses in the night when Googling their hearts out. Yes, research is tedious, but chucking in keywords like confetti won’t do. We’re crafting art here, not a keyword soup. So, choose those words wisely. And for the love of brevity, please don’t make them yawn with jargon.


Words Matter, So Choose Wisely

An impeccable headline is like a hand-crafted cocktail. A perfect blend of elements, each word bringing its own flavor. Every term should tease a solution, a secret, or a juicy bit of info. Suppose you’re dishing out baking wisdom. A headline like “Sizzle in the Kitchen: Artisan Bread Hacks for the Home Chef” promises a delicious journey. That’s how you lure them in, one tantalizing word at a time.


Short, Sweet, and SEO-Savvy

Ever tried reading a sentence that goes on forever? Exhausting, right? That’s why your headline should be a sprint, not a marathon. 6-10 words, that’s your sweet spot. Craft something so enticing it’s like the scent of freshly baked cookies wafting through a home. Then lace it with SEO magic, and watch readers swarm like bees to honey.


A/B Test That Headline, Stat!

Let’s play detective again before you mount that headline on your masterpiece. Google your headline and see if someone’s beating you to the punch. If they have, no frets. We can always whip up something even sassier. The goal? A headline that’s unique, irresistible, and as memorable as your first kiss.


Ready, Set, Write!

Alright, superstar, armed with a headline, hotter than summer, it’s time to dive into the content ocean. Because a scintillating headline is just the appetizer. Your readers are here for the main course. Make it worth their while, and they’ll be back for seconds. Hungry for more wisdom? Stay tuned for the next segment: Meta Descriptions. And trust me, it’s spicier than it sounds.

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