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Ghostwrite a Killer Blog Post Conclusion


The life of a ghostwriter often teeters between the thrilling and the mundane, especially when you’re in the trenches of blogging. But let’s not kid ourselves, shall we? The climax of the ghostwritten blog post—the conclusion—is where many fall short. It’s the part where you make your readers say, “By Zeus’s beard, I get it!” or “Holy guacamole, I must do something!” So, how do you craft an effective conclusion like Grandma’s secret sauce recipe? Sit tight, aspiring spirits of the keyboard. This post is your manual to write the findings that don’t just end. They conclude.


An Impactful Ghostwritten Conclusion

Oh, you thought a ghostwriter simply “winged it” when approaching a blog post conclusion? Bless your soul. Even mad scientists have a formula, and so do we.


Assurance + Call to Action = An Unforgettable Conclusion


It’s not some voodoo magic. It’s a bona fide, tried-and-tested equation. What does it consist of? Gather ’round my young padawans. It’s deconstruction time.


The Assurance Trifecta: A Three-Step Ghostwritten Dance

Assurance is not just a word used in insurance policies. It involves a complex and delicate process. Here’s how you ace it:

Start with the Problem, Sherlock

Being a ghostwriter means being a mind reader, but not everyone is a psychic. Clearly lay out the problem last to remind your readers why they should care. One sentence to set the scene, another to drop the curtain. Simple.

Toss in Bonus Nuggets

So, you’ve stated the problem. Great. You still need to get a cookie. Throw in some additional tips that bolster your solution. These are the cherry-picked insights that could turn a doubter into a believer. In fact, make them so good readers would print them out and put them on their fridge.

Bring it Home with a Summary

Time to land this plane. Remind your readers why your solution is the messiah they’ve been waiting for. Make it so good they want to shout it from the rooftops. Six or seven sentences to spell it out, and yes, it should sound like a TED Talk wrapped in a pep talk.


Assurance: The Bedrock of Ghostwriting Credibility

In the realm of ghostwriting, assurance is your main squeeze. It’s the bread and butter, the peas to your carrots—oh, let’s stop food-metaphoring. I’m getting hungry. When you weave assurance into your conclusion, you’re wrapping your readers in a warm blanket of credibility. You’re reassuring them (get it?) that they’re not embarking on a fool’s errand by following your advice.

Assurance is your chance to recap the problem concisely while putting the spotlight on your solution. Remind them of the main points: the unique situation that brought them to your blog post, the ingenious solution you proposed, and any additional tips that sweeten the deal. You have six or seven sentences to make your point—use them wisely. No fluff, no filler, just meaty, juicy credibility.

Reiterate, Don’t Regurgitate

You think your reader just waltzed through your entire blog post without skimming? Cute. Reintroduce the problem, but don’t be that person who repeats themselves like a broken record. In two sentences, lay out the issue and immediately remind them that your method is the knight in shining armor they’ve been waiting for. Make them feel like they’ve just seen the light at the end of a very confusing tunnel.


Call to Action: The Unsubtle Ghostwritten Nudge of Destiny

Once you’ve laid down the tracks with assurance, it’s time for the express train of action: your call to action (or CTA, if you’re into abbreviations). Think of it as that nudging elbow from a friend when they spot your crush. It’s that final push, an electrifying jolt to ignite your readers into action.

Your CTA shouldn’t merely be a “click here” or “subscribe now”; it must resonate with your entire post. Make it as personalized as a monogrammed towel. When you pen this call to action, think about what you want the reader to feel—empowered? Excited? Relieved? Craft your words accordingly, and make sure it’s so compelling that it haunts them until they click that button.

The Almighty Call to Action

After your reader has digested all those juicy insights, hit them with the call to action (or the CAT, as we call it in ghostwriter lingo). It’s not just there for window dressing, folks. Be precise about what they should do next. Should they subscribe? Share? Create a shrine in your honor? Make it crystal clear.

Don’t Shove

Your reader’s at the conclusion. They’re at the edge of their seat or perhaps the edge of closing the browser tab. Give them a nudge, not a shove, to leap into action with your proposed method. Make it so compelling that they’ll want to tattoo it on their forearms. Or at least, you know, click a button or something.


Ghostwritten Conclusion: The Grand Finale, Baby!

In the ghostwriting universe, assurance and a call to action come together like a culinary fusion that’s nothing short of Michelin-star-worthy. A conclusion that blends these two elements seamlessly is the kind that doesn’t just fade into the abyss of forgotten blog posts—it stands the test of time.

Your conclusion is where you tie all the loose ends and deliver the final punch. It’s your ghostwritten signature, swan song, and final bow after a killer performance. A well-crafted conclusion should make your readers forget they’re even reading; they should be too busy being captivated, inspired, or empowered.

So, there you have it, an in-depth, no-nonsense, absolutely indispensable guide to crafting a blog post conclusion that doesn’t just echo in the corridors of the internet—it resounds. Are you ready to put this science into action?

Seal the Deal

If your assurance is the bread and your call to action is the cheese, your conclusion is the melt-in-your-mouth grilled cheese sandwich that leaves your reader satisfied yet craving more. Stir in some confident language and watch your reader follow your lead.


Conclude Like a Ghostwriting Boss

You’re almost there, my fellow ghostwriters and ghostwriter-wannabes. Remind your readers why they started this virtual journey with you. Sum up your wisdom, toss in an actionable next step, and wrap it up with pizzazz. Conclusions are your curtain call and baby, you were born to shine.

So, there you have it. Writing blog post conclusions isn’t rocket science, but it sure needs the precision of one. Take these tips, roll up your sleeves, and show the blogging world how an actual ghostwriter concludes an epic.

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