Ghostwrite a Convincing Blog Post Conclusion

Ghostwrite a Convincing Blog Post Conclusion [Blogging Series Part 5]


by Cris Yeager


Ghostwriting a convincing blog post conclusion can be challenging and fall flat when you're unsure what to include. Fortunately, with a few tips and tricks, you can easily write a persuasive blog post summary that will make your readers take notice and be compelled to take action. In this blog post, we'll discuss how to craft an effective conclusion that drives readers to use your suggested method and highlights why it's the best option. We'll also provide helpful tips and tricks that will help you ghostwrite the perfect summary for your blog post. 


The correct formula for an effective conclusion

Formula? Sure, there's a writing formula for structuring an effective blog post summary!

Assurance + Call to action = Conclusion

Let's break this down a bit further...

  • Assurance: Include a brief few sentences to remind the reader of the problem, solution, and any tricks or bonus tips that may help the reader comprehend that the solution is the best option available.
  • Call to action: Convince your reader to take action and solve their problem with the suggested method.
  • Conclusion: Construct a summary that inspires the reader to use your method with confidence.


 1st step of assurance: Restate the problem

Ghostwriting a convincing conclusion to your blog post can be tricky. To wrap up your post, you must remind readers of the issue at hand. This way, readers will be convinced that your method is the best solution for their problem. Begin by providing an overview of what was discussed in the post so far; this allows readers to see the big picture while quickly understanding how your suggested solution addresses their problem. Keep the beginning of your summary to one or two sentences.


2nd step of assurance: Offer additional tips and advice

Ghostwriting a blog post conclusion can be challenging, especially when trying to convey the idea that your solution is the best option for readers. As you write your conclusion, include tips and advice that not only support your proposed solution but can also add value to the post. For example, provide insights into why your method works, the pros and cons of different solutions, or how to apply the knowledge to other areas. By giving readers a better understanding of the subject matter, they will be more likely to trust your advice and take action.


3rd step of assurance: Summarize your solution

When summarizing your solution, remind your reader why it's the best choice. Let them know how it can make a difference in their lives. Remind them of the positive results they can expect when they use it. That IS why they're there reading your blog post, so it's extremely important to have readers know you're offering a valuable solution. 


Include a call to action

Summarize the solution that you offered and make sure to include a call to action. The CAT is essential and will ensure that your blog post gets the attention it deserves and is seen by more people. As you craft your conclusion, think about what you want readers to do with the information in your post. 


Wrap up with confidence

Remind them why they came in the first place, provide valuable insight, and let them know what steps they can take now that they’ve reached the end of the journey. Your conclusion should be convincing, accurate, and inspiring. Use vivid language and be mindful of how your words resonate with readers. Finally, end on an uplifting note that keeps readers engaged. Ghostwriting provides endless opportunities for expression and creativity—so don’t be afraid to let your ideas flow!



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